Using the Library

The Guilford Free Library is open Tuesday from 9:30 AM­ 6 PM, Wednesday from 1-8 PM, Thursday from 3-6 pm and Saturday from 9:30 AM ­ 3 PM. Special Events are also scheduled for other times.

reading in the children's room

There is no charge for a library card. We need your name, your mailing address and your phone number in order to issue your card. You will be assigned a number, and then you may borrow books for three weeks and movies for two weeks. There is no limit on the number of books you may borrow.

The Guilford Free Library is located in the tiny hamlet of Guilford Center, and is surrounded by Guilford Center Church, The Guilford Historical Society, and The Broad Brook Grange.

To reach The Guilford Free Library, drive south from Brattleboro on US Route 5 to The Guilford Country Store. Turn right on Guilford Center Road for four miles. The Library is on your right just beyond The Broad Brook Grange.

The Library collection includes books, books on tape, videos, and reference materials. In addition to these materials, you may use the links provided to use the internet as a reference tool.

Vermont On-Line Library

The Librarian's Index to the Internet




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