The Library Lamb

I was only a little lamb when Cathi first brought me to the library.

She'd said she was bringing us because it was school vacation week and the children needed something exciting to happen since it was still too cold to swim.

I sure was scared when Mary Ellen and her red-headed kids showed up in their red truck. They chased us up into a steel cage. Yeah, they fed us hay, but they still kept chasing. But, finally, we were all together again­ alone­with hay. We were jouncing along, but luckily, none of us got truck-sick.

Then, they threw us out of the truck onto the grass. And we got to chomple and chew on the lush, green grass. Mmmmmmmm. All of a sudden, kids came into our yard clutching handfuls of hay. Scary at first, but finally they stopped chasing us, and then it was nice; they would just sit there with the hay and wait 'til we came to eat. One girl covered her tummy with hay, and only when I started nibbling on her purple shirt did I realize that she was a girl, not a hayrack.

When Cathi decided it was time to go home, she had a whole bunch of her friends chase us back into Mary Ellen's red truck.

My mother (Quick is her name) and I said "No thanks", and decided to go home by the cross-road. They chased us up Center Road and then around back, and eventually Mom got into the truck. But I guess they all forgot about me.

I snuck out to the Spooner's back yard, and when all the noise went away, I went back to the library. The window was open a little bit, so I scrunched myself up and got in. There wasn't much there in the basement, and it was cold and dark, but there was a sort of hole in the ceiling.

It was tough, 'cause you know, hooves are kind of slippery when you're trying to climb. But, finally, I got up through the hole and found a pretty pink room, comfy and full of books.

Now, I'm not an ordinary lamb, so I knew they were books and I knew they weren't for eating. (Most lambs can't read, you know.)On the table today was Don't let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! I'd seen pigeons before, but not close up, so I decided to read it.
In the story the driver of the bus goes on some errands and asks the reader to watch the bus for a moment. He also asks that you DON'T LET THE PIGEON DRIVE THE BUS! When he leaves, and the pigeon comes along, you have top tell the pigeon to stay away. I liked this so much that I wrote down the author's name on a piece of paper, and tucked it in my collection of favorite author's names. After that I took a nice , long nap!

to be continued...

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