Committee Members

Planning Board

Zoning Board of Adjustment

Conservation Committee

 Robert Vogel - Chair

Brian St. Pierre - Chair

Debbi Hinman - Chair

  Jim Neidert - Vice Chair

John Balla

David Goodwin

Wes Cubberly - Secretary

Lisa Earl

Shawn Bowman

Cheryl Sanctuary

Bill Willette

Helen Frink

Steven Holt

Shawn Bowman

Lillie LeBlanc

Henry Sipple


Carole Wallace

Mike Aron


Beverly Buxton



Trustees of Trust Fund

Cemetery Committee

Selectmen (assessors)

Alston Barrett

Claudia Istel

David Goodwin - Chair

Tim Perry

Lillie Leblanc

Frank Emig

Paul Auger

Helen Frink

Steven Holt


Sexton: G. Kristian Fenderson



Library Trustees

Budget Committee

Recreation Committee

Guy Russell-Chair

Conan Cook

Board Of Selectmen

Melinda Loiselle - Treasurer

Jim Jennison  

Jennifer Aiken

Sue Metsack  

Joanne Smith

Bruce Bascom


Kathi Bradt

Steven Holt



Linda Christie



Judy Aron




Tax Collector


John Luther

Marianne Nevelson

Melinda Loiselle


Deputy Tax Collector

Town Clerk


Linda Lacasse

Charlotte Comeau

NH State Police


Admin. Asst. to Board of Selectmen

Tree Warden

Town Forester

Kathi Bradt

G. Kristian Fenderson

Peter Rhoades



Town Attorney

Fire Chief

Sue Metsack

Gardner Fulton & Waugh - Lebanon, NH

Steve Morris



Highway Supervisor

Fall Mtn. School Board Member

Lisa Devalk

David Lacasse

Linda Christie

Overseer of Public Welfare

Supervisors of Checklist 

Health Officer


Marianne Nevelson

Toni Bowman


Elizabeth Gowen

 Tamsen Howes


 Rose Knight