Nature on View In Color Prints
by Jacob Deschin (The New York Times, Sunday, November 10, 1968)

The art of color printing as a personal expression rather than a routine rendering "by the book" still is rare enough in this country to deserve notice and appreciation. DOROTHEA KEHAYA, whose show of Ektachrome prints opened last week at the Hicks Street Gallery, 48 Hicks Street, Brooklyn Heights, offers an extensive portfolio of work on the highest level of achievement in this field.

The 6x9 inch prints on a wide range of nature subjects not only reflect her passionate feeling for the natural scene but also her intense devotion to the photographic medium, in color and black-and-white. Both in turn suggest her painter's background which has influenced all of her work in photography, without, however, affecting the latter medium's integrity as an art craft in its own right.

Subject matter is subordinate to the theme of color in the show, which constitutes Miss Kehaya's debut in this technique. The hues have richness without blatancy, delicacy of detail without insistence on description, sometimes boldness, often subtleties.

Some of her most satisfying prints were made in shade, under hazy skies, in deep woods. Colors are subdued, even in sunlight, but where brilliance is called for, she gives the medium full rein, and the prints fairly sparkle.

Miss Kehaya is not a stylist with a fixed notion of how colors should look in a print, but crosses nature and art to accomplish a personal synthesis in each print.

Her means are color paper and light controlled with filters, using the latter as a painter mixes colors on a palette. The analogy is justified because the selectivity and discrimination involved are as applicable in the one as in the other. The main difference lies in the use of light in the printing process, pigment in the other.

The show is a high point in the Hicks Street Gallery's career, possibly the best it has ever presented.

All original photography is © copyrighted by Dorothea Kehaya. All rights reserved.