Note: The McGrath's Pub Letterbox is reported missing (8/1/00)

"O Ireland my first and only love,
 Where Christ and Caesar are hand in glove."
                            - - James Joyce 

Hider:   Tom Cooch 
Clues:   Heady
Terrain: Indoors
Hidden:  11/6/99

The Inn at Long Trail has been a favorite watering hole of hikers for many decades. McGraths's Irish Pub was the first location in Vermont to serve Guinness Stout on tap, and still serves more than any other public house in the state. Locals, hikers, skiers, and other friends of  foam and fiddle gather on Saturday nights for live Irish music. 

The Inn was the site of the first Northeast Letterboxing Gathering in November, 1999, and the McGrath's Irish Pub letterbox was created for the occasion. (Click here for Rae Record's pictures.) The walls of the pub are decorated with many Irish posters (and bottles) and letterboxers must be prepared to use double-vision to find this one. 


To find the McGrath's Irish Pub Letterbox, you must first calculate the mystery number by filling in the table below. All answers are to be found inside the pub.

 The year in which the Celtic Football Club was founded  ________  
 +   Number of years on the Irish Red poster  ________  =  _________
 +  The lifespan of W. B. Yeats  ________  =  _________
 -  The year in which the Jameson Distillery was founded  ________  =  _________
 x  Number of years Bushmill's single malt whiskey is aged  ________  =  _________ 
 +  Number found at 324 degrees on a dartboard  ________  =  _________
  /  Number of small shields on the Powers Whiskey poster  ________  =  _________
 +  The sum of 26 + 6  ________  =  _________

The final number in the above table is the mystery number. The letterbox will be found above this number, at some public location within the inn (not necessarily inside the pub).


Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

This letterbox is #13 placed by The Orient Express