"Behind the corner there may wait
 A new road or a secret gate ..."
               - - J.R.R. Tolkien 

Hider:   Tom Cooch 
Clues:   Difficult 
Terrain: Easy 
Hidden:  08/26/99


"Wake up, Mr. Frodo, sir! Please, wake up!" 

The sleeping hobbit twitched and moaned once again, then opened his eyes and managed to raise himself to a sitting position. The two towers rose menacingly in the distance, reflecting the sun's rays like a search beacon. 

"Well, Sam. We've got ourselves in a pickle and no mistake. What was it that Bilbo used to say about adventures?  'Nasty disturbing uncomfortable things that make you late for tea.' " 

"Which is just what we ain't got nohow," muttered Sam. "Them wild creatures took it all." 

Frodo sighed. "Oh, Sam. I was having such a lovely dream. We were back in Lorien, and Galadriel was approaching in her beautiful white boat. Remember how it glided across the water like a great bird? And then she stepped ashore and gave us the gifts." 

"I remember, Mr. Frodo. To me she said, 'And for you, little gardener, the powder in this box will make your gardens the fairest in all the shire.' 'For me, Lady?' I replied. 'For all of you, Sam,' she said." 

"That's right," said Frodo. "Then my dream grew stranger and stranger. "I have a gift for you too, Frodo,' she said. 'It will be a light to you in dark places. But first there are some things you must see.'

"She led me up the path from her landing place to a huge mallorn tree. Under its spreading limbs was her magic fountain. 'Look into my mirror once again, Frodo. It will help you find your way.' "

"I stared into the clear water, and suddenly a lion seemed to rear up out of the waters before me. It was seizing an eagle in its mouth. I found myself running from the mirror, with Galadriel calling after me to come back."

I ran on and on, and realized I had passed out from the borders of Lorien. Ahead of me was a large common thoroughfare. The dusty road was empty for the moment, and I hurried across, turning north once I reached the other side. Then ahead of me I saw them: five dark riders coming towards me. They carried huge lances upright, and their steeds bared grotesque teeth."

"Terrified, I turned and ran back the way I had come. I regained the gates of Lorien, and paused to catch my breath. Then just to my right, I saw an old bearded man. He had a cane and a cloak and a large hat, and was staring ahead at something."

"Saruman!" whispered Sam.

"No, I don't think so. I followed his gaze towards a lovely rose garden. Then I saw what he was staring at, and remembered Galadriel's words: It will be a light to you in dark places."

"I scrambled over the garden fence, and scrabbled around in the dirt. There, amongst the red roses and the luxuriant green growth, I found my gift!"

Sam looked at Frodo, bewildered.


The clues borrow heavily from J. R. R. Tolkien's opus The Lord of the Rings. A familiarity with this book, however, is not essential to unraveling the clues. 

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