"Then, as the headmost foes appear'd,
 With one brave bound the copse he clear'd .."
                          - - Sir Walter Scott 


Hider:   Tom Cooch 
Clues:   Easy
Terrain: Moderate 
Hidden:  10/17/99

For the first 103 miles, the Long Trail and the Appalachian Trail overlap. Then, 0.5 miles north of Sherburne Pass, the AT veers eastward towards New Hampshire and its final terminus at Mt. Katahdin in Maine, while the LT continues northwards towards Canada. 

Note: The AT and LT were rerouted in September, 1999. They now cross Route 4 several tenths of a mile to the west of Sherburne Pass, and the current dividing point between them  is now another 0.5 miles to the north of the former junction. The Maine Junction Letterbox remains, however, in its original spot.

Sherburne Pass is on Rt 4 in the Town of Killington. These Letterboxes are reached by hiking either north or south on the Long Trail (LT). Click here for trail map.

The Long Trail was built between 1910 and 1930 by dedicated members of the Green Mountain Club, and today is maintained by volunteers of that Club. Their web site offers much information about the trail and Club.  As yet, the GMC has no official policy on Letterboxes. 

Please use the Long Trail with prudence and respect. Know the terrain and the weather in which you hike, and prepare appropriately. Use these simple guidelines to help preserve a piece of Vermont's "footpath in the wilderness."  Leave no trace of your visit and ensure that the trail and the backcountry experience will be there for others to enjoy.  Please treat all trail lands with respect.  Portions of the Long Trail cross private lands.  A single inconsiderate hiker could cause a landowner to close the trail.  Park so as not to block access to roads or driveways. Carry out all trash. 


Take the Deer Leap Trail from a point on the Long Trail 200 ft. north of Maine Junction. Continue along it for 0.4 miles, climbing a small ridge, then heading south through an attractive open birch forest toward Little Deer Leap Lookout. At the junction on Little Deer Leap take the spur trail on the left for 0.2 miles downhill to the Upper Lookout. 


Enjoy the lookout over Route 4 to Pico Mountain from the highest vantage point. Then retrace your steps past six blue blazes painted on the rocks to the first double blue blaze on a tree. Follow a bearing of 180 degrees approximately 35 paces to a large stone. The Deer Leap Letterbox is hidden 8 paces from this stone at a bearing of 40 degrees. 


A pace is taken to be the average distance an adult will advance by moving one foot forward - approximately three feet. 

All bearings are magnetic. 

Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

This letterbox is #12 placed by The Orient Express