1866-67 Association Foot Ball Summary

by Melvin Smith

year after the end of the Civil War saw an increase in the foot-ball games played on the college campuses. Many colleges opted to play the kicking game rules set up in England at the 1863 Football Association meetings of 1863. This article contains foot-ball games played from August 1, 1866 through July 31, 1867.


At the senior level, the students of Carroll College of Waukesha, WI, formed a foot-ball team and challenged the local Town Team to a game. The first game was played on October 11, 1866. It was an unmatched game with 22 college students versus 25 town men. The college won the game, 5 games (goals) to 2 games (goals) (Waukesha Plaindealer, Oct. 16, 1866). Another game was played on October 18th at the local Fairgrounds. The Waukesha Town Team won this matched game, 5 games (goals) to 3 games (goals) (Waukesha Freeman, October 23, 1866).

In the junior level of foot-ball, the St Johns College of New York (now Fordham University) had a foot-ball game played on the front lawn on September 13, 1866. No other details are available.

The brown 1870 Freshmen beat the 1869 Sophomores 1 goal to 0 and the Trinity 1870 Frosh and 1869 Sophs played a 1 goal-1 goal tie on the Washington and Baker Street Grounds in Hartford, CT. It was an unmatched game since there were 15 frosh versus 11 sophs.

Haverford College saw ‘scrub foot ball‘ played on the campus and the University of Michigan 1869 sophs had a foot-ball team. No other information has been found.

There were two alumni teams, captained by Harry W. Poor and Charles L. Gano, playing their annual Woodward College Alumni kicking game. It was played at the Cincinnati Cricket grounds, OH. The score has not been found.


The Waukesha Town Team lost and won games of foot-ball played with the Carroll College of that city. The players were also members of the local Carroll Base-Ball Club (Waukesha Plaindealer-October 22, 1867). They tried to convince the Carroll College students to play another game of foot-ball.

The Baltimore Shakespeare Club played a foot-ball game at the Belleview Gardens on August 23, 1886 in Baltimore, MD.

There was an Irish Fenian Picnic with an Irish foot-ball game. It was played on May 14, 1867 at the Oak Grove Park in New Orleans, LA.


Interscholastic games of the ball-handling style of foot-ball were still being played in Boston, MA. However, because Harvard University’s lack of acceptance of the game, there was a decreased number of interscholastic games played this season.

The students of the Dixwell Latin School, who had formed the Oneida FBC during the 1862 - 1864 period, had graduated and the Headmaster Epes Sargent Dixwell was ill in Europe most of the 1866. No interscholastic games have been found for the Dixwell Latin School this season.

The Boston Public Latin School beat the Chauncey Hall School 2 goals to 0 on November 22, 1866, on the Boston Common. There were 15 men to a side in that game. The score of the game played between the Boston Public Latin School and the Boston English High School has not been found.

Two other Boston area schools, the Roxbury Latin School and Dorchester High School played each other and Roxbury won. The score has not been found. The Phillips Academy of Andover, MA, saw carrying games played on the campus during the spring of 1867.

Proposed to be printed in the Intercollegiate Football Researchers’ Ass’n (IFRA) College Football Historian; Vol. 3; #5; June 2010

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