Other Features of the Internet

As you become more acquainted with the Internet, you'll encounter several unusual- sounding terms, among them:

Chat (or Internet Relay Chat, IRC)

You'll also find computer disks offering you free trials of the various commercial online services. Among the major services, both America Online and CompuServe have forums devoted to issues concerning not-for-profits.

On America Online, you can find something called Access.Point, and the related Nonprofit Professionals Network. These include forums for exchanging ideas through a newsgroup-like bulletin board, job banks, and even a way for people to donate to their favorite charity (if it's listed). Use the keyword: "access point" to find this on AOL. Another area is the Congressional Quarterly, keyword: "CQ".
If you don't have a subscription to AOL, Access.Point has set up web site for its October 1996 conference. The conference is called "Access.Point Nonprofits Online '96" and will be held on Tuesday, October 15th at the Washington Marriott in Washington, D.C. More information is available on the conference web site.

On CompuServe is the Nonprofit Forum, similar in content to AOL's offering but costing an additional $15 per month (the last time I checked).

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