The Nonprofit Guide to the Internet, by Robbin Zeff. A new and comprehensive book covering everything from using the Internet as a fundraising tool to designing a Web site. A must for any serious nonprofit wanting to understand how this sector is using the Internet.
John Wiley & Sons: New York, 1996. Paperback $34.95

The Internet for Busy People, by Christian Crumlish. An excellent and amusing introduction to the Internet for those who want to learn enough in just a little time.
Osborne/McGraw-Hill: Berkeley, CA 1996. Paperback $22.95

What's On the Web. Compendium of thousands of Web sites, organized by category and with capsule descriptions. Published twice a year; the most recent edition is Spring/Summer 1996.
Internet Media Corporation: Fairfax, VA 1996. Paperback $23.95

Where the Information Is: A Guide to Electronic Research for Nonprofit Organizations, by Helen Bergan. A resource for all forms of technology, including CD-ROMs and the Internet.
BioGuide Press: Alexandria, VA 1996. Hard cover $31.95


Three resources for up-to-date developments on non-profits and technology, including the Internet, are:

The Grantsmanship Center Magazine. Published quarterly, it's available at no cost to staff of not-for-profit organizations. See the Center's web site for more information. Recent articles have included:
David Goldstein, "The Internet: An Introduction for Nonprofits" (Summer 1995)
Putnam Barber, "Putting Your Organization on the Internet" (Summer 1996)
Michael Matros, "Internet Intelligence" (summer 1996)

The address is:
P.O. Box 17220
Los Angeles, CA 90017

The NonProfit Times. A monthly newspaper with regular columns on the Internet and relevant Web sites. A recent article on using the web for fundraising is:
Michael Johnston & George Irish, "Pulling Dollars from Cyberspace" (Nov. 1995)
Another article was:
Ted Needleman, "Cruising the 'Net" (Nov. 1995)

$59 per year. Subscription information is available at the NPT web site, or by contacting the office below:
240 Cedar Knolls Road, Suite 318
Cedar Knolls, NJ 07927
Phone: (201) 734-1700

NonProfit World. A bi-monthly magazine with occasional articles on the Internet and its use by nonprofits. Two recent articles are:
Ron Landskroner, "Nonprofit Networking, or How to Stop Worrying and Love the Internet" (Sept./Oct. 1995)
Rita Beckley et al., "Closing the Gap: Information Technology & the Nonprofit Sector" (Jan./Feb. 1996)

Published by the Society for Nonprofit Organizations at $79 per year or included with annual Society membership at $99 per year.
6314 Odana Road, Suite 1
Madison, WI 53719
Phone: 1-(800) 424-7367

Of the many publications about the Internet, the three listed below are the most accessible to non-technical types. All can usually be found at local newstands.

NetGuide. A recommended monthly magazine. Each issue lists dozens of new Web sites worth looking at. Articles are generally written for people with limited computer experience. A bargain at $19.97 per year. Their informative web site is at

Online Access. Published monthly, it can get a bit technical but has good reviews of software and other items to help you make the most of the Net. $24 per year. You can find out more on their home page,

Internet World. Also a monthly magazine, it's a good way to keep in touch with trends in Web content and technology. Normally $29 per year, you might be able to get a new subscriber rate of $14.97. Check their web site at

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