E-mail and Mailing Lists

When you establish an account with an access provider or online service, you will be given an e-mail address. The provider will store incoming mail for you, which you must download to your own computer in order to read. Your account will also enable you to send e-mail to anyone who has an e-mail address anywhere in the world, usually at no extra cost.

In fact, there's been considerable publicity that many decision-makers, from the President to the local city council representative, have e-mail. While it's true that you can send an e-mail message to President Clinton or your U.S. senators, I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for a reply. If you're still game to try, here are the e-mail addresses of Vermont's three distinguished national legislators:

Senator James Jeffords vermont@jeffords.senate.gov

Senator Patrick Leahy senator_leahy@leahy.senate.gov

Representative Bernard Sanders bernie@hr.house.gov

You can e-mail requests for information on specific bills before Congress to the Federal Register at help@eids05.gpo.gov

To reach state legislators, try the State of Vermont government web page at:

You can also use your e-mail account to join electronic mailing lists, which can quickly fill up your in-box if you're not careful. A recommended practice is to try a few mailing lists of interest for a short time and then choose the one or ones of most value to you. It's easy to subscribe and un-subscribe to these lists, so it's fine to experiment.

To join a mailing list, you subscribe to it by sending an e-mail message to the list administrator (usually a software program which handles subscriptions automatically). In the listings below, instructions are provided for subscribing to various mailing lists of potential relevance to non-profit managers. You send an e-mail message to the address indicated in the "SUBSCRIBE TO:" field. In the message area of your e-mail program you type in your request to subscribe, using the format given in the field "BODY OF MESSAGE:" Do not type in anything else. Extraneous text may only confuse the automated program. If you are successful, you'll receive, by e-mail, a confirmation of your request plus instructions for using the list and unsubscribing to it. Be sure to save this file, as it will be a useful reference. If you are not successful, try to send your request again or send a message to info@list.address (where "list.address" is the actual address of the list).

SUBSCRIBE TO: listserv@unvm.wvnet.edu
BODY OF MESSAGE: subscribe ARNOVA-L (your full name)

SUBSCRIBE TO: chronicle-request@philanthropy.com
BODY OF MESSAGE: subscribe CHRONICLE (your full name)

SUBSCRIBE TO: listserv@uvmvm.uvm.edu
BODY OF MESSAGE: subscribe COMMUNET (your full name)

SUBSCRIBE TO: rbryant@hydra.unm.edu
BODY OF MESSAGE: request to subscribe to COMNET NEWS giving your full name

SUBSCRIBE TO: listserv@jhuvm.hcf.jhu.edu
BODY OF MESSAGE: subscribe FUNDLIST (your full name)

SUBSCRIBE TO: listproc@envirolink.org
BODY OF MESSAGE: subscribe GIVING (your full name)

SUBSCRIBE TO: listserv@gsuvm1.gsu.edu
BODY OF MESSAGE: subscribe GRANTS-L (your full name)

SUBSCRIBE TO: majordome@igc.apc.org
BODY OF MESSAGE: subscribe NPBOARDS-L (your full name)

SUBSCRIBE TO: pjalert@mail-list.com
BODY OF MESSAGE: subscribe

SUBSCRIBE TO: listserv@vm.1.spcs.umn.edu
BODY OF MESSAGE: subscribe GIFT-PL (your full name)

PULSE! (Support Centers of America)
SUBSCRIBE TO: Majordomo@igc.org
BODY OF MESSAGE: subscribe pulse-news

SUBSCRIBE TO: majordomo@coyote.rain.org
BODY OF MESSAGE: subscribe USNONPROFITS-L (your full name)

If you want the digest version (edited and asembled into a single daily message), you would use the body message of: subscribe USNONPROFITS-L-DIGEST (your full name)

This is one of the more active and eclectic lists, worth trying for a while. It is a mirror of the soc.org.nonprofit newsgroup.

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