Week 1:

Week 2, Module 1:
Grant Research

Week 4, Module 3:
Capital Campaigns

Week 5, Module 4:
Major Donors

Week 6:
Planning for

Module 5:
Annual & Direct

Module 6:
Special Events

Module 7:
Planned Giving

Module 8:

Module 9:
Social Enterprise

Module 10:
Online Donations

Module 11:
The Board's Role
in Fundraising


Fundraising Principles and Practices
Week 3, Module 2: Grant Proposal Writing

Required Readings:
  • Carlson, Steps 2 through 11; pp. 81-89

Required online readings:

Optional readings:


  • write clear and measurable program goals and objectives
  • describe the process of needs assessment and how to incorporate it in a grant proposal
  • create a program budget
  • describe the rationale and content of an evaluation plan

    Demonstration of Competencies:

  • write a brief grant proposal with all required components, including a program budget OR complete one of two alternative assignments: a case study analysis or a peer review.

    Useful Links:

    Grant Writing School

    The Foundation Center Frequently Asked Questions:

    GrantProposal.com (Elizabeth Howell Brunner)

    Non-Profit Guides: Grant-Writing Tools for Non-Profit Organizations

    Sample Grant Proposal for Operating Funds, Tim Puffer (from CharityChannel's GuestShare site).

    Sample Grant Proposals (SchoolGrants).

    Sample Grant Proposal: QUALITY IMPROVEMENT 2000: Advancing New Technologies to Promote High Quality Care for Ohio Children and Families, 1998 Berea Children's Home & Family Services (American Philanthropy Review/CharityChannel.com).

    Sample Grant Proposal for Operating Funds, Tim Puffer, 1998. (American Philanthropy Review/CharityChannel.com)

    Funding Templates (SERA Learning), including Letter of Inquiry; Proposal Cover Letter; Proposal; Budget.

    Proposal Writing Format, developed by IndianNGOs.com

    Great Grants Archive, Council on Foundations.

    Ontario Trillium Foundation (Canada). This site has an excellent series of "Tip Sheets" to help grantseekers applying to their foundation, but they can be helpful in preparing a proposal for any funder.

    Sample Grant Proposals (The Idea Bank).

    A Simple Proposal Tracking System, Andrew Grant (from CharityChannel's GuestShare site).

    Minnesota Common Grant Application Form, Minnesota Council on Foundations, revised December 2000.

    Writing a Successful Grant Proposal, Minnesota Council on Foundations, updated April 16, 2002.

    Proposal Writing: Internet Resources, Grants Information Center, University of Wisconsin.

    Writing Tip of the Day (Grantwriters.com)

    Winning Grant Proposals Online, The Grantsmanship Center. Sample proposals on CD-ROM. $29 for first one; $20 for each additional. Database can be searched online for free.

    The Write Word (proposal writing consulting firm).


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