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Just found in the photo archives:

Bush Whacks Demonstrator at 'Free John McCain' Protest

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Panther News Time
05 August 2000

George W. Bush issues Ten Top Ways I'm Not Like Bill Clinton:  

10. No one ever ever ever thought to call ME "Bubba."
9. I would never have the bad taste to be an over-achiever.
8. I found God, Clinton didn't even know He was lost.
7. President Bush was a better father than that dead guy.
6. Barbara Bush was a better mother than that flighty anesthetist who actually killed two people.
5. I haven't spent my life striving for the Presidency, it's supposed to be mine for the asking.
4. I have two daughters who are still virgins, and their godfather is Willie Horton.
3. His brother was a drug addict, mine looted an S&L.
2. I never raped anyone when I was sober.
1. I was sure it was just confectioner's sugar.

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