WHITE SAVAGE (WHITE CAPTIVE) (director: Arthur Lubin; screenwriters: Richard Brooks/story by Peter Milne; cinematographer: Lester White/William Snyder; editor: Russell Schoengarth; music: Frank Skinner; cast: Sabu (Orano), Maria Montez (Princess Tahia), Jon Hall (Kaloe), Turhan Bey (Tamara), Sidney Toler (Wong), Constance Purdy (Blossom), Paul Guilfoyle (Erik), Thomas Gomez (Sam Miller), Don Terry (Gris), Al Kikume (Guard); Runtime: 65; MPAA Rating: NR; producer: George Waggner; Universal 1943

"A fun escapist WW2 fantasy film."

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

A fun escapist WW2 fantasy film directed by Arthur Lubin ("Hold On!"/"Escapade in Japan"/"Francis in the Navy"). It's from a story by Peter Milne and scripted by Richard Brooks. Its splashy photography is in lush Technicolor.

The tropical Temple Island in the South Seas is ruled by Princess Tahia (Maria Montez), who forbids stranger white men from exploring the island. The lady is good at catching westerners trying to steal valuables from her and her innocent subjects. Kaloe (Jon Hall) is a shark hunter, who is refused permission by the princess to fish on her island's waters. Orano (Sabu) is the friend of Kaloe who comes to his aid with the princess. The villain is the German merchant Sam Miller (Thomas Gomez), who tries romancing the princess to steal the gold bars displayed on the island's sacred swimming pool. Tamara (Turhan Bey) is the princess's brother, who foolishly hangs out with the thuggish Miller.

Kaloe is determined to get in the good graces of Tahia, and after borrowing $1,500 from his lawyer friend Wong ( Sidney Toler), he buys a new fishing boat and supplies. Through Orano he meets Tahia and she's smitten with him. But Miller brings her the knife of Kaloe, which was used to stab her brother Tamara to death. The falsely accused Kaloe is imprisoned in the lion's den. Orano comes to his friend's rescue, and Wong is sought out for legal advice.

The trio trick one of Miller's henchmen (Don Terry) into confessing he killed on Miller's orders. When exposed, Miller and his heavily armed men attack the island and go to the sacred pool. But Miller runs into an earthquake, which puts him and his men out of their misery. But it also destroys the gold. Nevertheless Kaloe and Tahia marry for love.

REVIEWED ON 1/29/2016       GRADE: B-

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