THE VISITORS (BESOKARNA) (director/writer: Jack Ersgard; screenwriter: Patrik Ersgård; cinematographer: Hans-Åke Lerin; editor: Martin Jordan ; music:  Peter Wallin; cast: Kjell Bergqvist (Frank Eriksson), Lena Endre (Sara Eriksson), Johannes Brost (Allan Svensson), Joanna Berglund (Lotta Eriksson),  Jonas Olsson (Peter Eriksson); Runtime: 102; MPAA Rating: R; producer: Håkan Ersgård; Vidmark; 1988-Sweden-in Swedish with English subtitles)

"The slow moving pic would have fared better if it shot for complete comedy instead of  occasionally being a hoot."

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

A Swedish horror pic directed by Jack Ersgard ("Rancid"/"Justice"/"Living in Peril"). It was his debut as director. It's co-written by the brothers Jack and Patrik Ersgard.

The self-employed American ad man, Frank Eriksson (Kjell Bergqvist) and his wife Sara ( Lena Endre), and their two children (Joanna Berglund & Jonas Olsson), move into an isolated country house in Sweden. Financial trouble arises when he loses his major contract and can't get enough work. The marriage is on the rocks when Frank starts drinking. He also begins to see strange occurences in the house (like the attic door ajar, wet footsteps leading to the attic and wallpaper falling off for no reason). A ghost hunter (John Brost) is called in and brings with him heavy electrical equipment. Soon a bloody monster is sighted comings from the attic.

The slow moving pic would have fared better if it shot for complete comedy instead of occasionally being a hoot. It's a wannabe The Shining, but without the depth of Kubrick's great film.

REVIEWED ON 7/25/2015       GRADE: B-

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