THEY EAT SCUM (director/writer: Nick Zedd; cinematographer: Nick Zedd; editor: Nick Zedd; cast: Geoffrey Carey (Brother),  Donna Death (Suzi Putrid), Roy Dillard (Father); Runtime: 73; MPAA Rating: NR; producer: Nick Zedd; Penetration; 1979)

"This is a film that can be judged by its title."

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

An anything goes super low-budget zany sleaze-fest cult underground film. Nick Zedd ("Geek Maggot Bingo"/"The Bogus Man"/"Thrust in Me") is an underground filmmaker, musician, author and artist based in NYC, who coined the term Cinema of Transgression to describe a group of like-minded filmmakers using shock values and black humor in their films.

Suzi Putrid (Donna Death) is a junkie lead singer for a punk band, who incites her audience with such 'wholesome' lyrics like "Kill! Kill! Kill your entire family!". Susie's transvestite brother has sex with a rabid poodle. Suzi's disapproving Catholic father fatally slits her throat on stage, at Max's Kansas City. After her death, Suzi's twin sister leaves a mental hospital and starts slaughtering everyone in Manhattan by radiation until confronted by a mutant lobster man. There's also acts of cannibalism and a penis castration taking place in the audience.

If the perversity or absurd story doesn't put you off, then the bad acting should.
A mainstream audience would be pissed off if they had to sit through such an anti-movie. This is a film that can be judged by its title.

REVIEWED ON 5/26/2015       GRADE: C

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