SWISS ARMY MAN (director/writer: Daniel Scheinert, Daniel Kwan; cinematographer: Larkin Seiple; editor: Matthew Hannam; music: Andy Hull, Robert Mcdowell; cast:  Paul Dano (Hank), Daniel Radcliffe (Manny), Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Sarah), Antonia Ribero (Chrissy), Timothy Eulich (Preston), Richard Gross (Hank's Dad),  Marika Casteel (Reporter), Andy Hull (Cameraman), Aaron Marshall (Oddicer 1), Shane Caruth (Coroner); Runtime: 95; MPAA Rating: R; producers: Jonathan Wang, Lawrence Inglee, Miranda Bailey, Amanda Marshall, Eyal Rimmon, Lauren Mann; Blackbird Films; 2016)

"A flatulent comedy."

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz 

A far-fetched bizarre but infantile nonsense buddy pic helmed and written by the twenty-something viral- and music-video filmmakers Daniel Scheinert, and Daniel Kwan  ("Turn Down for What").

Paul Dano becomes suicidal after washing up on a deserted Pacific desert island.
Daniel Radcliffe is a sometimes talking washed-ashore corpse on the island, who still farts. The farts cause a jet stream on the water, propelling both men to get off the island onto a woodsy shoreline and eventually Dano finds his way back to the girl of his dreams (Mary Elizabeth Winstead). Lots of luck if you can roll with such absurdity. The film only gets weirder but not better as it adds masturbation jokes to its poop ones.

This was a flatulent comedy that did not appeal to me. But if you're into weird and different, go for it and don't mind this old fart. 

REVIEWED ON 7/9/2016       GRADE: C-

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