SUNDOWN TRAIL (director/writer: Robert F. Hill; screenwriter: story by Robert F. Hill; cinematographer: Ted McCord; music: Arthur Lange; cast:  Tom Keene (Robert "Buck" Sawyer ), Marion Shilling (Dorothy "Dottie" Beal),  Nick Stuart (Flash Prescott),  Hooper Atchely (George Marsden),  Louise Beavers (Auntie Jenny),  Stanley Blystone (Joe Currier), William Welsh (Pa Stoddard), Alma Chester (Ma Stoddard), Murdock MacQuarrie (Executor of the Estate); Runtime: 51; MPAA Rating: NR; producer: Fred Allen; RKO-Pathe; 1931)

"A decent B Western."

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

The first of Tom Keene's popular 12 films for RKO. Writer-director Robert F. Hill ("East Side Kids"/"Overland Mail"/"Mars Attacks the World") keeps things buzzing at a fast pace. It's a decent B Western.

Buck Sawyer (Tom Keene) is the cowboy foreman of an upscale New Mexico ranch inherited by Easterner Dottie Beal (Marion Shilling). For her to take possession of the ranch, her dad states in his will that she must live on the ranch for 5 years. Tom's job is secured by the will. At first Dottie puts down the West and Keene as crude, but when Keene saves the ranch from a crooked cattle dealer named Joe Currier (Stanley Blystone) the lady has a change of heart about him and the West.   

REVIEWED ON 4/15/2016       GRADE: B-

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