SUNDOWN SAUNDERS (director/writer: Robert N. Bradbury; cinematographer: Bert Longenecker; editor: S. Roy Luby;ast:  Bob Steele (Sundown Saunders), Catherine Cotter (Bess Preston), Earl Dwire  (Sheriff), Ed Cassidy (Taggart), Jack Rockwell (Preston, Bess's Father), Milburn Morante (Smokey), Charles King (Jack Mace), Hal Price (Gambler); Runtime: 64; MPAA Rating: NR; producer: A.W. Hackel; Supreme Features; 1936)

"In less than five years, Steele made 52 Westerns."

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

Robert N. Bradbury ("Forbidden Trails"/"Trouble in Texas"/"Riders of the Rockies") is director and writer, and his son Bob Steele stars. It's a low-budget-B western, with a twisty script.

Steele wins a ranch in a horse race with Hal Price. Bad guy Ed Cassidy tries to steal the ranch from him by posing as a government land agent and selling it to Jack Rockwell. Cassidy then frames Steele for the murder of a saloon brawler (Charles King).

Earl Dwire is the sheriff. Catherine Cotter is Steele's girlfriend. Milburn Morante is Steele's loyal sidekick.

It's the way they made westerns in a hurry back then. In less than five years, Steele made 52 Westerns.

REVIEWED ON 3/26/2016       GRADE: B-

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