STRANGER BY NIGHT (VIDEO) (director: Gregory H. Brown; screenwriters: Daryl Haney/Richard Filon; cinematographer: Wally Pfister; editor: Kent Smith; music: Ashley Irwin; cast: Steven Bauer (Detective Bobby Corcoran), Jennifer Rubin (Dr. Anne Richmond), William Katt (Troy Rooney), Michael Parks (Detective Larson), Ashley R. Lauren (Nicole Miller), Luca Bercovici (Stan Richmond), J. J. Johnson (Bobby's Father), Michele Greene (Lisa), Gary Lee Davis (Henry); Runtime: 96; MPAA Rating: R; producer: Andrew W. Garroni; A-Pix; 1994)

"A fair crime thriller."

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

A fair crime thriller directed by Gregory H. Brown ("Dead Man Walking"/"Street Asylum"/"See No Evil"). It's written by Daryl Haney and Richard Filon.

Steve Bauer is a tough LA cop, who has a volatile temper, frequently has alcoholic blackouts and has recurring nightmares. The detective and his partner William Katt are hunting down a vicious serial killer. Because of his problematic behavior and that he finds a human ear in his car, Bauer becomes a suspect in the death of several hookers.

Jennifer Rubin plays the self-destructive psychiatrist to Bauer.

William Katt gives the film's best performance as an obnoxious womanizing cop.

The low-budget film is a Basic Instinct (1992) wannabe. It's easy to guess who the killer is and the thriller hardly seems believable even for a Hollywood second, but it's lively and a decent time-killer for late-night TV watch.

REVIEWED ON 4/16/2015       GRADE: B-

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