SOMEWHERE i'LL FIND YOU (director: Wesley Ruggles; screenwriters: Marguerite Roberts/Walter Reisch/story by Charles Hoffman; cinematographer: Harold Rosson; editor: Frank E. Hull; music: Bronislau Kaper; cast: Clark Gable (Jonny Davis), Lana Turner (Paula Lane), Robert Sterling (Kirk Davis), Charles Dingle (Stafford), Reginald Owen (Willie Manning), Lee Patrick (Eve Manning), Sara Haden (Miss Coulter, Stafford's Secretary), Patricia Dane (Crystal McReagan), Keye Luke (Thomas Chang), Miles Mander (Kirsten), "Rags" Ragland ( Charlie, the masseur); Runtime: 108; MPAA Rating: NR; producer: Pandro S. Berman; MGM; 1942-B/W)

"It's an absurd romantic war drama, but Gable and the much younger Lana create some buzz together."

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

It's helmed by
Wesley Ruggles ("London Town"/"Arizona") and is written by Marguerite Roberts and Walter Reisch, from a story by Charles Hoffman.

Returning from Berlin in October 1941 are war correspondent brothers for the NY Daily Chronicle, the older wild guy Jonny Davis (Clark Gable) and the virtuous Kirk (Robert Sterling), They are fired by appeaser editor Stafford (Charles Dingle) for printing without his approval a front page story about a Japanese-German alliance. Back in their boarding house, Jonny discovers his room has been rented to Chronicle journalist Paula Lane (Lana Turner). Jonny makes a play for her, not realizing that's the girl Kirk met six months ago and wants to marry. One kiss from Jonny and Paula is ready to dump Kirk. When Jonny becomes aware that Paula is Kirk's love, he is shaken. Meanwhile she takes an assignment in Indo-China and doesn't contact them after turning down Kirk's engagement ring. The concerned brothers track her down in Hanoi, where despite massive Japanese troops present, she is smuggling Chinese babies out of the war zone. Months later with the fall of Bataan, Jonny's rival for Paula is conveniently removed from the scene.

It's an absurd romantic war drama, but Gable and the much younger Lana create some buzz together. The film was a commercial success.

REVIEWED ON 5/29/2017       GRADE: B-

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