SIX-GUN GOLD (director: David Howard; screenwriter: Norton S. Parker/story by Tom Gibson; cinematographer: Harry Wild; editor:  Frederic Knudtson music: Paul Sawtell; cast: Tim Holt (Don Cardigan), Lane Chandler (Brad Cardigan),Fern Emmett (Jenny Blanchard), Jan Clayton (Penny Blanchard), Eddy C. Waller (Ben Blanchard),  Ray Whitley (Smokey), Lee White (Whopper ), Slim Whitaker (Miller), Harry Harvey (Vander),LeRoy Mason (Marshal), Davison Clark (Robinson), Ennett Lynn (Stage Driver); Runtime: 57; MPAA Rating: NR; producer: Bert Gilroy; RKO; 1941)

"Routine old-fashioned B Western."

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

David Howard  ("Daniel Boone"/"The Lost Jungle") directs the routine old-fashioned B Western. It's from a story by Tom Gibson and a screenplay by Norton S. Parker.

Don Cardigan (Tim Holt) and his sidekicks, the comical Whopper (Lee White) and the yodeling Smokey (Ray Whitley), ride the trail to the mining town of Placerville to surprise  Don's older brother Brad (Lane Chandler), the marshal. Instead they find an impostor (LeRoy Mason) acting as marshal and that his three deputies are thugs. Don and the boys stay around to find his missing brother. When Don discovers gold shipments are being stolen from the local miners, he teams up with the stagecoach owner (Davison Clark) and the miner Ben Blanchard (Eddy C. Waller) to set a trap for the gold thieves by re-routing the shipment on a pack animal. It turns out the gold thieves are holding Brad hostage, and all loose ends are tied up.

REVIEWED ON 8/9/2016       GRADE: B-

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