SHAKE HANDS WITH MURDER (director: Al Herman; screenwriters: story by Martin Mooney/John T. Neville; cinematographer: Robert Cline; editor: George Merrick; music: Lee Zahler; cast:  Iris Adrian (Patsy Brent), Frank Jenks (Eddie Jones), Douglas Fowley (Steve Morgan), Jack Raymond (Joe Blake), Claire Rochelle (Secretary), Herbert Rawlinson (Mr. John Clark),  Juan De La Cruz (Mr. Stanton), Stan Jolley (Mr. Haskins); Runtime: 62; MPAA Rating: NR; producer: Al Herman/Donald C. McKean; American (PRC); 1944)

"Pleasant enough, but not good enough."

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

Al Herman ("The Missing Corpse"/"Rogue's Gallery") directs this comical mystery tale with competency. PRC is the releasing company of this low-budget B film.The story is by Martin Mooney. The script is by John T. Neville.

When the partner of Patsy Brent (Iris Adrian), her dim-witted bail bondsman partner, Eddie Jones (
Frank Jenks), secures bail for investment executive Steve Morgan (Douglas Fowley), Patsy is furious he took such a high risk with their company's funds, which could bankrupt them if he skips town. Morgan's accused of embezzling $100,000 from his bank. Later it's learned the bank president was murdered. Though Morgan is the prime suspect, he sticks around to try and prove his innocence. This impresses Patsy, who ends up trying to help him find the missing securities and the real killer.

Pleasant enough, but not good enough.

REVIEWED ON 6/18/2016       GRADE: B-

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