SHAKEDOWN (BLUE JEAN COP) (director/writer: James Glickenhaus; cinematographer: John Lindley; editor: Paul Fried; music: Jonathan Elias; cast: Peter Weller (Roland Dalton), Sam Elliott (Richie Marks), Richard Brooks (Michael Jones), Blanche Baker (Gail Feinberger), Jude Ciccolella (Patrick O'Leary), Dave Proval (Larry), Patricia Charbonneau (Susan Cantrell), Antonio Fargas (Nicky Carr), John C. McGinley (Sean Phillips); Runtime: 97; MPAA Rating: R; producer: J. Boyce Harman; MCA Universal Home Video; 1988)

"Routine but absurd crime film."

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

Routine but absurd crime film, that's comically written and directed by James Glickenhaus ("The Exterminator"/"Slaughter of the Innocents"/"McBain"). If all you are looking for is entertainment and some impressive action sequences, then the film delivers. Glickenhaus makes trouble for himself by weaving a complex plot line with predictable results about a NYC that stinks from long-time police corruption.

Veteran legal-aid lawyer (Peter Weller) while defending a drug dealer (Richard Brooks) framed for the murder of a crooked cop he killed in self-defense, uncovers corruption in the police department. He teams up with the only honest narc officer (Sam Elliott) to expose the corruption.

Glickenhaus takes the low-road and offers over-the-top car chases, a violent gun battle at Times Square and wall-to-wall action (including a Coney Island roller coaster going off its tracks) instead of trying to follow through with an insightful drama. 

REVIEWED ON 3/21/2016       GRADE: C+

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