SEANCE ON A WET AFTERNOON (director/writer: Bryan Forbes; screenwriter: based on the novel by Mark McShane; cinematographer: Gerry Turpin; editor: Derek York; music:  John Barry; cast: Kim Stanley (Myra), Richard Attenborough (Bill), Judith Donner (Amanda), Mark Eden (Mr. Clayton), Nanette Newman (Mrs. Clayton), Gerald Sim (Beedle), Ronald Hines (Policeman); Runtime: 115; MPAA Rating: NR; producers: Richard Attenborough/Bryan Forbes; Artixo; 1964-B&W-UK)

"Creepy but engrossing Hitchcock-like suspense story."

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

Bryan Forbes ("The Stepford Wives"/"The Naked Face"/"Better Late Than Never") is the writer-director of this creepy but engrossing Hitchcock-like suspense story. It's based on the novel byMark McShane.

The London suburbanite Kim Stanley plays an unscrupulous and mentally unstable professional medium. She talks her brow-beaten and downtrodden husband (Richard Attenborough) into kidnapping a wealthy industrialist's daughter so she can become celebrated in her field and financially rewarded as the psychic who found the child. Kim tries to contact the other world through her stillborn son, in her fake medium guise.

Though skillfully executed and chillingly atmospheric, it's overlong, too gloomy and the performances were too mannered for my taste.

REVIEWED ON 10/24/2015       GRADE: B

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