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QUIZ SHOW (director/producer: Robert Redford; screenwriter: Paul Attanasio/from the book Remembering America: A Voice From the Sixties by Richard N. Goodwin; cinematographer: Michael Ballhouse; editor: Stu Linder; music: Mark Isham; cast: John Turturro (Herbie Stempel), Hank Azaria (Albert Freedman), Rob Morrow (Dick Goodwin), Ralph Fiennes (Charles Van Doren), Paul Scofield (Mark Van Doren), Barry Levinson (Dave Garroway), Mira Sorvino (Miss Sandra Goodwin), Martin Scorsese (Sponsor), David Paymer (Dan Enright), Elizabeth Wilson (Dorothy Van Doren), Christopher McDonald (Jack Barry); Runtime: 130; MPAA Rating: PG-13; producers: Richard N. Goodwin/Michael Jacobs/Michael Nozik/Julian Krainin; Buena Vista Home Entertainment; 1994)

America in the placid '50s is busy watching T.V. quiz shows. But after this quiz show scandal, it will lose its innocence. Redford digs into the pervasive corruption all around the government investigation of the television industry and how all the parties involved dodged their responsibilities to the public by covering up a lot of the dirt. It all came about when Herbie Stempel, a Jewish working stiff from Queens, challenges the prestigious integrity of the WASPish Charles Van Doren. A well-presented and insightful film. GRADE: B +

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