PANDIT RAVI SHANKAR (TV) (director/writer: Nicolas Klotz;  cinematographer: Emmanuel Machuel; editor:  Nicolas Klotz; music:  Ravi Shankar; cast: Ravi Shankar, Jean-Pierre Rampal, Yehudi Menuhin, Steve Pots, Zubin Mehta, Satyajit Ray, Mrinal Sen, Martine Geliot, George Harrison; Runtime: 60; MPAA Rating: NR; Medici TV; 1986-France-in English)

"Exciting tribute to India's master sitar player and raga composer Ravi Shankar."

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

French director Nicolas Klotz ("The Bengali Night") directs with heart-felt passion this exciting tribute to India's master sitar player and raga composer Ravi Shankar. The immensely enjoyable no-frills documentary expresses its thanks to Shankar that the west got a taste for classical music from India. Shankar is shown in Paris, Calcutta, Delhi, London, California and in his ashram in Benares. The world traveler touring musician, doing it for over thirty years, plays ragas solo, with flutist Jean-Pierre Rampal, with violist Yehudi Menuhin and with harpist Martine Geliot.

The raga music, in all its subtleties, couldn't be better. It's probably the best music our civilization has produced. Shankar acts as gentle facilitator between oriental and occidental music, as he gives hope in a troubled world for international music to lead the way for a peaceful world.

REVIEWED ON 2/20/2014       GRADE: A-

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