THE NIGHT VISITOR (director: Laslo Benedek; screenwriters: Guy Elmes/story by Sam Roecca; cinematographer: Henning Kristiansen; editor: Bill Blunden; music: Henry Mancini; cast: Max von Sydow (Selem), Trevor Howard (The Inspector), Liv Ullman (Esther), Per Oscarsson (Dr. Anton Jenks), Rupert Davies (Mr. Clemens); Runtime: 102; MPAA Rating: PG; producer: Mel Ferrer; VCI Entertainment (UMC Pictures); 1971-USA/Sweden)

"A lackluster thriller."

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

A lackluster thriller. It's about an asylum inmate (Max von Sydow) in Sweden, who escapes to take revenge on those who placed him there. He is a convicted axe murderer of a farmhand, who plans to return to his cell after his revenge mission is accomplished.

We learn that the convicted killer is actually innocent and that the real killer is Esther Jenks (Ullmann) and her physician husband, Anton (Oscarsson).

Director Laslo Benedek's ("The Kissing Bandit"/"Assault on Agathon"/"The Wild One") horror film is certainly a chilling one, but not a particularly good one. There are too many dull spots. It's based on the story by Sam Roecca and is written by Guy Elmes.

REVIEWED ON 10/19/2015       GRADE: C

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