THE MAN WHO CHANGED HIS MIND (aka: THE MAN WHO LIVED AGAIN) (director: Robert Stevenson; screenwriters: L. du Garde Peach, Sidney Gilliat/J. L. Balderston; cinematographer: Jack Cox; editors: Ben Hipkins/R.E. Dearing/Alfred Roome; music:  Hubert Bath; cast: Boris Karloff (Professor Laurience),  Anna Lee  (Dr. Clare Wyatt), John Loder (Dick Haslewood), Frank Cellier (Lord Haslewood), Lynn Harding (Professor Holloway),  Cecil Parker (Dr. Grattan), Donald Calthrop (Clayton), Clive Morton (Journalist); Runtime: 61; MPAA Rating: NR; producer: Michael Balcon ; Gaumont; 1936-UK)

"If a Karloff fan this is a must see, he gives one of his best performances. Others should be more cautious."

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

A rarely seen horror pic. The B film was released in America as The Man Who Lived Again. It's genially directed by Robert Stevenson ("Son of Flubber"/"Mary Poppins"/"The Love Bug"), and written by L. du Garde Peach, Sidney Gilliat and J. L. Balderston.

Boris Karloff  is the brilliant but unstable scientist, Professor Laurience, who is experimenting with the possibility of transferring an animal mind into another. The professor is in love with his lab assistant Dr. Clare Wyatt (Anna Lee). The problem for the professor is that she's preparing to marry Dick Haslewood (John Loder), the wealthy son of the institution head and newspaper magnate Lord Haslewood (Frank Cellier). The disgruntled professor thereby schemes to switch brains with him by using the scientific apparatus he invented.

If a Karloff fan this is a must see, he gives one of his best performances. Others should be more cautious.

Donald Calthrop is funny as the cripple with an acerbic tongue. Cecil Parker is good as the doubting Thomas scientist, who sneers with relish at the experiment.

REVIEWED ON 5/13/2015       GRADE: B-

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