MAGIC CHRISTMAS TREE (director: Richard C. Parish; screenwriter: Harold Vaughn Taylor; cinematographer: Richard Kendall; editor: ; music:  Victor Kirk; cast: Chris Kroesen (Mark), Valerie Hobbs (Old Woman), DarleneLohnes (Mark's Mother), Robert Maffei) (Greed), Richard C. Parish (Dad); Runtime: 70; MPAA Rating: NR; producer: Bruce Scott; Goodtimes (Orrin Films); 1964)

"Strictly amateur."

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

The actor Richard C. Parish helms his only film. It's a stinker Christmas-themed fantasy film about a California boy named Mark (Chris Kroesen). He's given a magic ring and Christmas tree seed by a witch (Valerie Hobbs) as a reward for getting her cat Lucifer down from a tree. The tree is fully grown in 6-hours, in his backyard. On Thanksgiving, Mark performs the magic spell that the witch taught him. The boy's first wish is for an hour of super power. The second wish is to be exclusively with Santa Claus. The third wish is the unselfish one to let Santa be with all the children in the world. When the kid wakes up on Christmas Day, he realizes it was all a dream.

After seeing this mess, you will understand why Parish never directed again. It's a kid Christmas story, that's strictly amateur.

It has been rightfully called one of the worst and most depressing holiday films of all time.

REVIEWED ON 12/18/2015       GRADE: D

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