MAD DOCTOR OF BLOOD ISLAND (TOMB OF THE LIVING DEAD) (GRAVE DESIRES) (directors: Eddie Romero/Gerry DeLeon; screenwriter: Ruben Canoy; cinematographer: Justo Paulino; editor: ; music:  Tito Arevalo; cast: John Ashley (Dr. Bill Foster), Angelique Pettyjohn (Sheila Willard), Ronald Remy (Dr. Lorca), Alicia Alonzo (Marla), Tita Muñoz (Mrs Lopez), Tony Edmonds (Willard), Bruno Punzalan (Razak), Edward Murphy (Captain); Runtime: 85; MPAA Rating: NR; producer: Eddie Romero; Hemisphere Pictures; 1968-USA/Philippines)

"The pic is as bad as it sounds."

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

This dreary horror pic is a sequel to Brides of Blood (1968). In 1969 a third sequel, Beast of Blood, was made. The mediocre co-directors Eddie Romero and Gerry DeLeon in 1959 made Terror is a Man. The screenwriter is Ruben Canoy.

Scientist Dr. Bill Foster (John Ashley) is accompanied by his girlfriend Angelique Pettyjohn (Sheila Willard, future porn star) to the Philippines and its mysterious Blood Island to investigate rumors of a mad scientist creating a vegetable monster that is killing people on the island. When on the island, Pettyjohn's father is found alive as a drunk. The mad Dr. Lorca (Ronald Remy) is witnessed experimenting with a chlorophyll-based drug that he claims will result in eternal youth. Instead it creates zombies. The visitors burn down Lorca's lab, with him in it, and leave the island.

The pic is as bad as it sounds.

REVIEWED ON 10/30/2015       GRADE: C

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