INTO THE FIRE (THE LEGEND OF WOLF LODGE) (director: Graeme Campbell; screenwriter: Jesse Ballard; cinematographer: Rhett Morita; editor: Marvin Lawrence ; music:  Andy Thompson; cast: Art Hindle (Dirk Winfield),  Susan Anspach (Rosalind Winfield), Lee Montgomery (Wade Burnett), Olivia D'Abo (Liette), Maureen McRae (Vivian), John Dondertman (Jimmy), Alice O'Neil (Liette's Mother), Bill Norman (Liette's Father); Runtime: 88; MPAA Rating: R; producer: Nicholas Stillada; Vestron; 1988-Canada/USA)

"A forgettable perverse low-budget film noir."

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

A forgettable perverse low-budget film noir directed by Graeme Campbell ("Going For Broke"/"Everest"/"Be My Valentine") and written by Jesse Ballard.

Dirk Winfield (Art Hindle) and his wealthy wife Rosalind (Susan Anspach) own an estate in the northwest. The dim-witted Wade Burnett (Lee Montgomery) is a young unemployed rock musician drifter, who picks up a diner waitress named Liette (Olivia D'Abo). The twosome drive over to the rich couple's "Wolf Lodge" estate, where Liette has persuaded Wade to take a live-in handyman's job so he doesn't leave town. Both blonde femme fatales fall for Wade, who seems befuddled by the attention. Staying at the lodge, he hears the Winfields always fighting. Things get nasty when Wade becomes too curious about the couple's spats and gets involved.

REVIEWED ON 2/21/2015       GRADE: C+

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