IF LOOKS COULD KILL (director/writer: Chuck Vincent; screenwriter: Craig Horrall; cinematographer: Larry Revene; editors: James Davalos/Chuck Vincent; music:  Jonathan Hannah/Susan Jopson; cast: Tim Gail (George Ringer), Kim Lambert (Laura Williamson), Alan Fisler (Bob Crown), Jeanne Marie (Jeannie Burns), Jamie Gillis (Jack Devonoff), Jim Davies (Carson O'Connors ), Veronica Hart (Mary Beth),  Beth Broderick (Newswoman); Runtime: 90; MPAA Rating: R; producer: Chuck Vincent; Republic Pictures Home Video; 1986 )

"Erotic crime thriller."

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

Chuck Vincent ("Sexpot"/"Widest Dreams"/"Deranged") directs this erotic crime thriller with a porn-star cast.

In NYC, private eye George Ringer (Tim Gail) is hired by lawyer Jack Devonoff (Jamie Gillis) to film on video the suspected bank embezzler Laura Williamson (Kim Lambert). George gets good erotic shots of Laura with her her boytoy Carson (James Davies). When George neglects his girlfriend Jeanne (Jeanne Marie), she dumps him. Soon the light bulbs go off in George's head, as he realizes the lawyer is setting him up to be the pigeon for the bank robbery and subsequent murder. The circumstantial evidence mounts, as our victimized hero seeks to prove his innocence,

REVIEWED ON 5/19/2015       GRADE: B-

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