I FIDANZATI (THE FIANCES) (director/writer: Ermanno Olmi cinematographer: Lamberto Caimi; editor: Carlo Colombo; music: Gianni Ferrio; cast: Carlo Cabrini (Giovanni), Anna Canzi (Liliana); Runtime: 76; MPAA Rating:NR; producer: Geofredo Lombardo; Janus Films; 1963-Italy-in Italian with English subtitles-B/W )

"A sobering romantic tale about absence making the heart grow fonder."

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

A sobering romantic tale about absence making the heart grow fonder. Italian auteur Ermanno Olmi ("Tickets"/"Il Posto") keeps things simple and real, telling us more about the hardships of a working-class man than about romance.

The young Milanese factory welder, Giovanni (
Carlo Cabrini), agrees to take an 18 month welding job in his company's new plant in Sicily. The lad is depressed about his aging dad in a nursing home and how his relationship with his long-time fiancée Liliana (Anna Canzi) hit a wall. In Sicily, he is unhappy with the job, feels lonely and finds he's not making more money than he would back home. Pining for his lost love, he sends her a warm postcard and that renews the relationship.

It's a well-crafted and well-acted 'realist' film, the sort that was popular at that time in art houses.

REVIEWED ON 5/22/2018       GRADE: B

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