HIGH-BALLIN' (DEATH TOLL) (director: Peter Carter; screenwriters: Paul F. Edwards/story by Richard Robinson & Stephen Schneck; cinematographer: Rene Verzier; editor: Eric Wrate; music: Paul Hoffert; cast: Peter Fonda (Rane), Jerry Reed (Duke), Helen Shaver (Pickup), Chris Wiggins (King Caroll), Christopher Langevin (Tanker), Wendy Thatcher (Hijacker),  David Ferry (Harvey), Harvey Atkin (Buzz), Michael Ironside (Butch), Leslie Carlson (Bud), Arnie Achtman (Cue), Michael Hogan (Reggie); Runtime: 100; MPAA Rating: PG; producer: John Slan; Vestron (AIP); 1978-USA/Canada)

"A popcorn modern-day western."

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz 

Director Peter Carter ("Klondike Fever"/"Rituals"/"Highpoint") shoots the low-budget fun adventure film like a popcorn modern-day western. The film is well-crafted, and the stuntmen do lots of daredevil things on the road. It's based on a story by Richard Robinson & Stephen Schneck. The screenplay is written by Paul F. Edwards. Though no great shakes, it can be watchable if you let your hair down and take it for a ride in simplicity.

King Carroll (Chris Wiggins) is the venal trucker boss determined to put all the independent truckers out of business, and resorts to highjacking and bootlegging. Duke (Jerry Reed) is the independent who fights back. Rane (Peter Fonda) is Duke's biker pal, who assists him. Helen Shaver appears as an indie lady trucker. Harvey (David Ferry) is one of the villains.

REVIEWED ON 2/10/2015       GRADE: B-

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