HE NEVER DIED (director/writer: Jason Krawczyk; cinematographer: James Bredin; editor: Eric Billman; music: James Mark Stewart; cast: Henry Rollins (Jack), Kate Greenhouse (Cara), Booboo Stewart (Jeremy),  Jordan Todosey (Andrea),  David Richmond-Peck (Steve), Steven Ogg (Alex); Runtime: 99; MPAA Rating: R; producer: Zach Hagen/Adrienne Stern; Alternate Ending Studio/Vertical Entertainment; 2015)

"The super Rollins performance makes it worth watching."

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

Jason Krawczyk ("The Briefcase"/"Hard Damn Hitch") is the writer-director of this strange horror/comedy cult film, one that plays like a film noir. It stars Henry Rollins, the former frontman for L.A. punk band Black Flag.

Jack (Henry Rollins) is a misanthropic loner, a social outcast, whose quiet city life at first gets upset by gangsters ,who hassle him for reasons unknown. Despite severe beatings, the thugs can't kill him. The deadpan Jack is then surprised by the arrival of the grown daughter Andrea (Jordan Todosey) he never knew he had. Jack's diner waitress girlfriend Cara (Kate Greenhouse) and his daughter team-up to get their man more involved in humanity.

In the third act things take a turn moving into the supernatural, as we learn Jack's real identity and face some plot twists. This is not a narrative driven film.

Though the film is not fully developed, the super Rollins performance makes it worth watching. 

REVIEWED ON 4/72016       GRADE: B-

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