THE GREAT LOCOMOTIVE CHASE (director: Francis Lyon; screenwriter: Lawrence Edward Watkin; cinematographer: Charles Boyle; editor: Ellsworth Hoagland; music: Paul Smith; cast: Fess Parker
James J. Andrews),  Jeffrey Hunter  (William A. Fuller), Jeff York  (William Campbell),  John Lupton (William Pittenger), Eddie Firestone (Robert Buffum), Kenneth Tobey (Anthony Murphy), Don Megowan
Marion A. Ross), Claude Jarman Jr. (Jacob Parrott), Harry Carey Jr. (William Bensinger), Lennie Geer (J. A. Wilson), George Robotham (William Knight), Stan Jones (Wilson Brown), Marc Hamilton (John Wollam), John Wiley (John M. Scott), Slim Pickens (Pete Bracken); Runtime: 85; MPAA Rating: NR; producer: Lawrence Edward Watkin; Walt Disney Studio Home Entertainment (Buena Vista Films); 1956)

"It's an enjoyable adventure tale, especially for youngsters."

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

Francis Lyon ("Gunsight Ridge"/"The Destructors"/"Destination Inner Space") helms this real life Civil War spy story about bravery under fire. It's written by Lawrence Edward Watkin.

During the Civil War, the Union spy Andrews ( Fess Parker) and some volunteers steal a Confederate train and drive it into Union land. On the way, Andrews' Raiders destroy the Confederate railway system.

It's an enjoyable adventure tale, especially for youngsters.

The pic serves as Disney's serious version of the Buster Keaton masterpiece silent, The General (1927).

REVIEWED ON 7/7/2015       GRADE: B-

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