THE GIRL ON THE BRIDGE (director/writer: Hugo Haas; screenwriter: Arnold Phillips; cinematographer: Paul Ivano; editors:  Merrill White/Albert Shaff; music:  Harold Byrns; cast: Beverly Michaels (Clara), Hugo Haas (David), Robert Dane (Mario), John Close (Harry), Anthony Jochim (Mr. Cooper), Darr Smith (Councilman), Al Hill (Bartender); Runtime: 76 MPAA Rating: NR; producer: Hugo Haas; Twentieth Century Fox; 1951)

"It follows Haas' usual tawdry theme, but is better than most of his other films."

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

Hugo Haas ("Pickup"/"Other Woman"/"Lizzie") directs, co-writes, stars and produces a B film noir on the dangerous ways of a sexy woman on an innocent man. It follows Haas' usual tawdry theme, but is better than most of his other films. The co-writer is Arnold Phillips.

Warning: Spoiler alert.

David (Hugo Haas) is a kindly middle-aged watchmaker, whose family was killed in the Holocaust. When the attractive young unwed mother, Clara (Beverly Michaels), attempts suicide by jumping off the bridge, David saves her and employs her in his shop. David then talks her into marrying him. Soon things go awry when Clara's ex-lover's cousin, Harry (John Close), suddenly appears and blackmails Clara. He threatens to reveal Clara's misdeeds with her lover Mario (Robert Dane) unless David pays him off. David kills the blackmailer after tiring of the payoffs and makes it look like the work of Clara's ex-lover. But when overcome with guilt feelings and realizing his wife still loves the reformed Mario, David commits suicide by jumping off the same bridge his wife did,

REVIEWED ON 9/20/2014       GRADE: B

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