THE GIRL IN LOVERS LANE (director: Charles Rondeau; screenwriter: Jo Heims; cinematographer: Edward Cronjager; editor: Howard Epstein; music:  Ronald Stein; cast: Lowell Brown (Danny Winslow), Brett Halsey (Bix Dugan), Jack Elam (Jesse), Joyce Meadows (Carrie Anders), Emile Meyer (Cal Anders), Selette Cole (Peggy), Del Monroe (Train Yard Mugger); Runtime: 78; MPAA Rating: NR; producer: Robert Roark; Screen Gems; 1960)

"It's an odd B-movie with homo-erotic suggestions."

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

Long-time TV director Charles Rondeau ("The Threat"/"The Devil's Partner"/"Knife in the Darkness") directs this teenage drama about drifters in trouble. It's an odd B-movie with homo-erotic suggestions. It's poorly paced, though the acting is not bad. Jo Heims' ordinary screenplay comes with no surprises.

Rich teen Danny Winslow (Lowell Brown) runs away from his comfortable home to be a hobo without having any street smarts and with only a $100. Things go poorly, as a bunch of juvenile delinquents jump and rob him at the train yard. To his rescue comes professional hobo Bix Dugan (Brett Halsey), who takes him under his wings and shows him how to be an like a hobo. They both get jobs in the same diner at a nearby small-town. The plain-looking waitress Carrie (Joyce Meadows) attracts Bix. The creepy feeble-minded local stalker Jesse (Jack Elam) follows her one day, and rapes and kills her in a deserted spot. The stranger in town, Bix, is blamed. It's now up to Danny to pay back Bix for his kindness, as he saves Bix from a lynch mob and tries to catch the real culprit.

REVIEWED ON 2/16/2015       GRADE: C+

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