GARLIC IS AS GOOD AS TEN MOTHERS (director: Les Blank; screenwriter: Les Blank; cinematographer: Les Blank; editor: Maureen Gosling; music:  ; cast: Chris Pray (Narrator), Antzonini Del Puerto, Kathleen Bendel, Alice Waters, Lloyd John Harris, Werner Herzog, Warren Weber, George Flintroy; Runtime: 51; MPAA Rating: NR; producer: Les Blank; Janus; 1980)


Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

Delicious! Experimental documentarian Les Blank ("Hot Pepper"/"The Blues Accordin' to Lightnin' Hopkins"/"Spend It All") joyously and lightheartedly promotes his love affair with garlic, which is another name for the Stinking Rose. Pic includes the many uses of garlic found around the world as both an edible and a cure-all. It also covers its history and offers several recipes. Interviews with chefs, growers (from Gilroy, in Northern California), musicians who appreciate garlic, and with film-maker Werner Herzog ("Nosferatu") who offers his two-cents about its power in vampire movies. Music such as flamenco and Zydeco blend together with the cooking experiences. All the garlic lovers religiously preach about its benefits, that if not a believer it might influence you to join such a healthy club before it's too late.

I might add that I'm a garlic lover.

REVIEWED ON 8/13/2015       GRADE: A-

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