FIRST FAMILY (director/writer: Buck Henry; cinematographer: Fred J Koenekamp; editors: Stu Linder/Susan Martin; music: John Philip Sousa; cast: Bob Newhart (President Manfred Link), Gilda Radner (Gloria Link), Madeline Kahn (Constance Link), Richard Benjamin (Press Secretary Bunthorne), Harvey Korman (Ambassador Spender ), Bob Dishy (Vice President Shockley), Fred Willard (Presidential Assistant Feebleman), Rip Torn (General Dumpston), Julius Harris (Ambassador Longo); Runtime: 97; MPAA Rating: R; producer: Daniel Melnick; Warner Bros.; 1980)

"Disappointing acerbic political satire directed and written by Buck Henry."

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

Disappointing acerbic political satire directed and written by Buck Henry ("Heaven Can Wait"/"Hunger Chic"). Few gags hit the mark.

When the First Family travels to the country of Upper Gorm in Africa, Gloria (Gilda Radner), the foul-mouthed horny daughter of the bumbling American President Link (Bob Newhart) and his drunken wife Constance (Madeline Kahn), is kidnapped by a tribe wanting to sacrifice her. The illogical plot centers around a plan her dad devises to release her. The comedy was too dumb to be entertaining.  It strains to be like an episode of
''Saturday Night Live.''

REVIEWED ON 10/20/2016       GRADE: C+

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