FEAR NO EVIL (director/writer: Frank LaLoggia ; cinematographer: Fred Goodich; editor: Edna Ruth P aul; music: Frank LaLoggia, David Spear; cast:  Stefan Arngrim (Andrew), Daniel Eden (Tony),  Franak Birney  (Father Daly), Barry Cooper (Mr. Williams), Alice Sachs (Mrs. Williams), Paul Haber (Mark),  Roslyn Gugino(Marie), Richard Jay Silverthorn (Lucifer), Mari Anne Simpson (Brenda), Kathleen Rowe McAllen (Gabrielle / Julie), Elizabeth Hoffman (Mikhail / Margaret Buchanan ); Runtime: 99; MPAA Rating: R; producers: Frank & Charles LaLoggia; Avco Embassy Pictures; 1981)

"A surprisingly decent demonic-possession film."

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

A surprisingly decent demonic-possession film. It follows along the lines of Rosemary's Baby (1968). This was the 23-year-old writer, director and producer Frank LaLoggia' ("Lady in White"/"Mother") debut film. The East Coast director made the film on his own for only $150,000.

Andrew (Stefan Arngrim) is a quiet, intense, neurotic high school loner, who gradually believes he's the Antichrist. The lad thinks his elderly neighbor (Elizabeth Hoffman) and one of his classmates (Kathleen Rowe McAllen) are the angels Gabrielle and Mikhail sent to destroy the Devil. In the climactic struggle between 'good and evil', God is triumphant, as things get played out during an outdoors Passion Play. The Devil during that scene is now played by Richard Jay Silverthorn.

Visually stunning images of horror, effectively helmed and benefiting greatly from the superb special effects provided by Visual Concepts Productions, makes for a delicious film despite the far-fetched premise. It veers from being scary to being unintentionally silly.

REVIEWED ON 2/17/2016       GRADE: B

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