FEAR IN THE NIGHT (DYNASTY OF FEAR) (HONEYMOON OF FEAR) (director/writer: Jimmy Sangster; screenwriter: Michael Syson; cinematographer: Arthur Grant; editor: Peter Weatherley; music:  John McCabe; cast: Judy Geeson (Peggy Heller), Peter Cushing (The Headmaster/Michael Carmichael), Joan Collins (Molly Carmichael), Ralph Bates (Robert Heller), Gillian Lind (Mrs. Beamish), James Cossins (The Doctor), John Brown (1st Policeman), Brian Grellis (2nd Policeman); Runtime: 80; MPAA Rating: PG; producer: Jimmy Sangster; Hammer; 1972-UK)

"The story was constructed in too much of a mechanical way to excite me."

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

Jimmy Sangster ("The Horror of Frankenstein"/"Lust for Vampire") competently helms this 'damsel in distress' psycho thriller, one that he co-writes with Michael Syson.

No one believes Peggy Heller (Judy Geeson), just released from a mental institution, when she claims she was attacked by a man with a wooden arm. Peggy's new hubby, Robert Heller (Ralph Bates), a country prep school teacher and the headmaster's wife Molly Carmichael (Joan Collins) scheme to provoke her to murder the elderly deranged headmaster (Peter Cushing). The headmaster cracked up and has never recovered from a fire he caused 10 years ago that destroyed his school, killed many pupils and left him with an artificial arm. To protect herself, Peggy totes a shotgun.

The story was constructed in too much of a mechanical way to excite me.

REVIEWED ON 5/2/2015       GRADE: B-

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