FATAL MISSION (ENEMY) (director/writer: George Rowe; screenwriters: Peter Fonda/ Chosei Funahara/Anthony and John Gentile; cinematographer: Phil Parmet; editor: Branka Mrkic; music: Mark Winner; cast: Peter Fonda (Ken Andrews), Mako (Trang), Tia Carrere (Mai Chang), Jim Mitchum(Maj. Bauer), Ted Markland (CIA agent), Joonee Gamboa  (Capt. Hao), Felindo Obach (Sgt. Tuong); Runtime: 83; MPAA Rating: R; producers: Chosei Funahara/Franz Harland ; Media Home Entertainment (Antennafilms); 1989-USA/Japan)

"The action sequences make it a good watch."

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

A well-crafted Vietnam War thriller filmed on location in the Philippines. The action sequences make it a good watch. It's passably directed by George Rowe ("Black Mamba: Kiss of Death"), who co-writes with Peter Fonda, Chosei Funahara. and Anthony and John Gentile.

Peter Fonda is a U.S. special ops soldier, posing as a French journalist, who states "Nothin's guaranteed in the 'Nam." When Fonda assassinates a North Vietnam Communist leader, he escapes in the jungle. He's taken prisoner by Tia Carrere. a Chinese agent. Realizing that both are in danger from the the North Vietnamese, they bond together to escape from the jungle.

Jim Mitchum, Bob's son, is a U.S. rescue pilot.

REVIEWED ON 9/8/2015       GRADE: B-

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