EVERYTHING FOR SALE (WSZYSTKO NA SPRZEDAZ) (director/writer: Andrzej Wajda; cinematographer: Witold Sobocinski; editor: Halina Prugar-Ketling; music:  Andrzej Korzynski; cast: Andrzej Lapicki (Director), Beata Tyszkiewicz (Director's Wife), Elzbieta Czyzewska (Elzbieta, married to the missing star), Daniel Olbrychski (Daniel, replacement for the star), Jozef Fuchs (Cameraman), Wieslaw Dymny (Stage Actor), Elzbieta Kepinska (Stage Actress),  Tadeusz Kalinowski (Forrester), Irena Laskowska (Forester's Wife); Runtime: 105; MPAA Rating: NR; producers: Jozef Krakowski/Ernest Bryll/Jerzy Bossak; New Yorker Films; 1969-Poland-in Polish with English subtitles)

"Serves as a moving tribute to the charismatic Zbigniew Cybulski."

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

Polish director Andrzej Wajda ("Danton"/"Man of Marble"/"Kanal"), arguably Poland's best filmmaker, writes-directs this engaging portrait of the making of a film. The film's director,Andrzej Lapicki, is a surrogate for Wajda. The director must finish a film when its star has mysteriously vanished.

The film was made as an homage to the 40-year-old Polish actor Zbigniew Cybulski, who worked with the director in the 1950s (starred in his ''Ashes and Diamonds'') and had been killed in an accident the previous year while running to catch a train.

The messy, at times ponderous, personal film is neatly stylistic and serves as a moving tribute to the charismatic Zbigniew Cybulski, often called Poland's James Dean.

REVIEWED ON 12/10/2014       GRADE: B

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