DEAD MATE (GRAVEROBBERS) (director/writer: Straw Weisman;  cinematographer: Anghel Deca; editor: Michael Spence; music: Katherine Quittner; cast: Elizabeth Mannino (Nora), David Gregory (John Henry Cox), Adam Wahl (Evan Matthews), Lawrence Bockius (Sheriff Porter), Judith Mayes (Emmaline Strickland), Kevein Scullin (Rev. Collins), Kelvin Keraga (Morley the Chauffeur), Kathleen Margo (Cicely Matthews); Runtime: 93; MPAA Rating: R; producer: Lew Mishkin; Prism (Video Kart); 1988)

"The low-budget horror/comedy is a sicko film, that's fit for the dead."

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

Director-writer Straw Weisman ("Trunk"/"Man of the Year"/"American Beach House") aims low and gets there.

The wealthy John Henry Cox (David Gregory) proposes to ex-hooker Nora (Elizabeth Mannino), a pretty young waitress at a truck stop, just after meeting her. The lady, unsatisfied with her dull life, accepts, They drive to his small town of Newbury and are married. Hubby is a mortician, who resides in a funeral home. When Nora discovers hubby is a necrophilliac and killer of his other wives, she wants out. But she's trapped in this weirdo town, where everyone else is into dead bodies.

The acting is terrible, the dialogue bad, the jokes are lame and the story line is stupid. The low-budget horror/comedy is a sicko film, that's fit for the dead.

REVIEWED ON 3/16/2016       GRADE: C-

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