CROSS COUNTRY (director/writer: Paul Lynch; screenwriters: from the novel by Herbert Kastle/ Logan N. Danforth/William Gray; cinematographer: René Verzier ; editor: Nick () Rotundo ; music:  Chris Rea; cast: Richard Beymer (Evan Bley), Nina Axelrod (Lois Hayes), Brent Carver (John Forrest), Michael Ironside (Ed Roersch), Mike Kane (Harry Burns), August Schellenberg (Glen Cosgrove), Roberta Weiss (Alma Jean); Runtime: 95; MPAA Rating: R; producer: Pieter Kroonenberg; Charter; 1983-Canada)

"Tense adult mystery drama."

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

Paul Lynch ("No Contest"/"Prom Night"/"Face the Evil") directs this tense adult mystery drama. The Canadian film is set on a bloody road trip from Philadelphia to Arizona. It's based on the novel by Herbert Kastle. The writers are Logan N. Danforth and William Gray.

A woman is murdered in her NYC apartment. The main suspect is her estranged ad executive husband Evan Bley (Richard Beymer). He flees the area and stops over at a bar in Philly, where he picks up the bar stripper Lois Hayes (Nina Axelrod) and takes off with her for a cross-country trip to Arizona. Evan gives hitchhiker John Forrest (Brent Carver) a ride, who is Lois' musician friend. Evan has sex with Lois. The suspense mounts during the journey, as a cutie (Roberta Weiss) becomes the fourth rider and someone John tries to get into a threesome with Lois. Meanwhile the corrupt cop (Michael Ironside) is on the psycho Evan's trail.

REVIEWED ON 4/20/2015       GRADE: B-

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