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Added to Top Ten Lists are films from 1902-present.


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8/20 to 8/27
Tenderfoot, The (1932)     C+
Going Home (1971)      C+
If I Were King (1938)    B
Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk (2016)    B-
Agatha (1979)     C+
Logan Lucky (2017)     A-
The Hitman's Bodyguard (2017)      C+

8/13 to 8/20
Kidnap (2017)     C
The Day Kennedy Died (2013)   B
Yoyo (1965)       B
Neil Young Journeys (2011)  A
The Girl From Missouri (1934)  C+
Annabelle Creation (2017)    C+
Valley of the Kings (1954)  C+
The Wild and The Innocent  C+



avoid the film = D/F;   not passable= C/C- /C+;  recommended= B/B- ; highly recommended = B+/A-;  excellent+A;  a don't miss film=A+