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Added to Top Ten Lists are films from 1902-present.


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12/3 to 12/10
Last Vermont Christmas (2018)    C+
The Ranger (2018)  B-
Hale County This Morning, This Evening (2018)  B+
Cold War (2018)   B
The Devil's Doorway (2018)    B
The Clovehitch Killer (2018)    B
The Little Stranger (2018)    B-
Beautiful Boy (2018)   B-

12/10 to 12/17
Don't Leave Home (2018)  C+
BlacKkKlansman  (2018)  B
(2018)    B 
Possum (2018)  B+
Blockers (2018)  B-
Ben is Back (2018)    C+  
Back Roads (2018)     B-


avoid the film = D/F;   not passable= C/C- /C+;  recommended= B/B- ; highly recommended = B+/A-;  excellent+A;  a don't miss film=A+