Professional Positions:
1999-Present Senior Consultant, Point&Click Solutions, Woburn MA
1987-1999 Programmer, GTE Internetworking [BBN Technologies], Cambridge MA
1985-1987 Senior Member Technical Staff, Palladian Software, Cambridge MA
1983-1985 Member Technical Staff, Texas Instruments, Dallas TX
1981-1983 Programmer, Biology & Astronomy Departments, Indiana Univ.

Professional Responsibilities and Projects:
Employed at Point&Click Solutions, a software consulting group located in Woburn Mass. Extensive work in the building of object-oriented Java and Lisp systems and user interfaces, editors, GUIs and GUI-building tools; ASP, XML/XSL and Servlet-based client/server systems; design and implementation of innovative visual user-interfaces and other GUIs; implementation of human-modeling systems; implementation and design of large, robust distributed systems; the re-implementation/extension of large-scale "legacy" systems (especially the extension of Lisp systems into a distributed Java-based environment); and early work in Genetic Programming.

Extensive object-oriented and distributed programming in JAVA, VBScript/ASP, XSL/XML, Tcl/Tk, JSP, various Lisp Systems, (Allegro Lisp, Lucid Lisp, CLIM and CLOS, Symbolics LispMachines), HTML/CGI, JavaScript, and PERL programming on Unix/Linux, Windows/NT, and Symbolics platforms.

Responsibilities have also included design and implementation of various other display/window systems, including 2- and 3-D graphics and real-time plotters; tools, rendering and display packages used in scientific visualization applications; scenario manipulation tools and presentation-based display systems; various GUI and GUI-building tools and systems; design and building of simulated displays and simulation-modeling of various experimental and existing (real-world) systems.

Previous employment history involved building user-interfaces, text manipulation and formatting systems, user-display systems and general system maintenance at Palladian software. At Texas Instruments primary projects including pilot-assisting expert systems; D/Dedalus, an interactive Dashboard editor; and various other systems developed for and using Symbolics LispMachines and the TI Explorer system.

Work in the Biology Department at Indiana University involved building and maintaining library/bibliography systems and a general system for the modeling of RNA-folding for use in a genetics laboratory and a data entry and reduction program for use in a population biology experiments. While in the Astronomy Department the work dealt with the design and implementation of a numeric modeling system as part of a project modeling the behavior and evolution of planetary rings.

1983: MS, Computer Science, Indiana University
1978-1980: Graduate Study, Physics, University of Texas, Austin
1983: BS, Astrophysics, Indiana University

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