The Jerusalem Songs

                                 -- and she went and came
           As it begins I reach
               still       the forest
                 worn as the seal
                  worn as the ring
          touching hand, praising this hand
                                 -- and gleaned in the fields
          With this I came 
          as the child, with no wasted time
          no weapon of the mighty, no coal of juniper & so proudly watches
          from the rooftop, the tiny face & sheet-like hair
          the sunlit hair of the northern woman
                                 -- after the reapers
           with this little time I do not question on tired mind
          this worn time of your presence.  So I returned & considered
              those who leave
                      a song
                those who leave the song
                                             -Feb 1975

    Copyright © 1996 Nichael Lynn Cramer

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